Welcoming Sinners


Jesus was known for his relationships with sinners, persons at the margins of society due to their employment, health condition, ethnicity, or lifestyle. Following Jesus, I transcend my judgments and the mores of society to see the holiness in each person. I will view each person, even those who I tend to marginalize, as God’s beloved children, worthy of my respect even when I must challenge their politics or behaviors.


Awaken me, God of all creation,
To the holiness of all persons.
Let me see each person I meet
As your beloved child
And treat them with respect and compassion.
Let my heart go out to the least of these 
And the lost among us.


As you watch the news or read scroll through your news feed, reflect on how you can go beyond labels and snap judgments to see something of God in each person. Commit yourself to seeing the holiness of those you describe as “others,” committing yourself to supporting God’s vision for their lives.

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