Rosary marathon: Nazareth’s Basilica of the Annunciation leads prayer for expectant women and unborn

The Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth will lead the global rosary marathon for an end to the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday.

Catholics gathering May 4 at the basilica, which marks the spot where tradition holds that the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary, will offer the rosary “for all expectant women and their unborn babies.”

The church in Israel is the fourth of 30 Catholic shrines around the world to lead the rosary during the month-long initiative introduced by Pope Francis.

The pope launched the prayer marathon on May 1, when he led the rosary in St. Peter’s Basilica. The initiative will end on May 31 with a rosary in the Vatican Gardens.

The first shrine to lead the event was Walsingham in England on May 1, followed by the shrine of Jesus the Savior and Mother Mary in Elele, Nigeria, on May 2 and Jasna Góra in Poland on May 3.

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