AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN – Forgiveness, unity, and reconciliation: the message of the wounded Bishop

Nairobi – Prayer, unity, forgiveness and reconciliation: this is the message sent, from a hospital bed, by the Comboni Msgr. Christian Carlassare, bishop-elect of Rumbek, in South Sudan, victim of an attack in which he was wounded in the legs, during the night of April 25 to 26. After the first medical attention at the hospital of Rumbek, run by CUAMM – Doctors with Africa, the bishop was transferred to Nairobi for further care and therapy. In a video message in English, addressed to the Rumbek Catholic community, posted on the Comboni Missionaries website, the bishop says: “I take this opportunity to greet each one of you, brothers and sisters in Rumbek. I am well and I am improving. It will take me some time to walk on my own legs again, but I am sure I will return to be with you. Please let us remain united in prayer and ready for forgiveness in our community. Seek justice with the same heart of God, that is, a merciful heart that can teach peace, mercy towards each person, because these values are present in the depths of the heart of each of us. Even if I am far away, I feel united with you, let us remain united in this process of reconciliation”.

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