• Pope announces Synod of Bishops for Pan-Amazon region
    ROME – Pope Francis on Sunday announced a special assembly of the Synod of Bishops, scheduled for October 2019, to involve prelates from Latin America’s Pan-Amazon region, meaning Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guyana, Perú, Venezuela and Surinam. “Accepting the desire of some Catholic Bishops’ Conferences in Latin America, ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Inés San Martín
  • Middle East’s well-kept secret revealed when Jihad met the Virgin
    BEIRUT, Lebanon – It’s a well-kept secret of societies such as Lebanon where large numbers of Christians and Muslims live cheek-by-jowl, working together, socializing together, sometimes even marrying each other, that there’s often more conversion from one faith to the other than anyone is prepared to acknowledge publicly. For Muslims ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy John L. Allen Jr.
  • Seeing God as fantasy or hobby doesn’t make sense of vows and vocations
    Recently, I received good news from a young woman I was blessed to mentor some years ago. This particular twenty-something has a keen intellect and talents that would make her successful in any career, and yet her announcement to me and to the world is surprising and hopeful: She’s entering ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Father Jeffrey F. Kirby
  • The National Catholic Youth Choir: Faith, Fun, Fantastic Music
    It all started nearly twenty years ago as a dream of Father Anthony Ruff, OSB, a monk of Saint John’s Abbey in central Minnesota. This is Lutheran country, the land of choral music and Garrison Keillor’s “singing Lutherans.” There’s the Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir –  so why not something for ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Mandy Wolvert
  • Vatican court convicts former hospital CEO for rehabbing cardinal’s apartment
    ROME – A Vatican court on Saturday sentenced a former official of a papally sponsored children’s hospital to one year of detention, a temporary ban on holding any public office in the Vatican and a fine of a little over $5,000 for using hospital funds to remodel the private apartment ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy John L. Allen Jr.
  • Nun wins prestigious $1 million prize for work with refugees
    DENVER, Colorado — Regis University in Denver presented the Opus Prize, which includes a cash award of $1 million, to Mercy Sister Marilyn Lacey for her work in South Sudan and Haiti to assist displaced women and childen. Lacey’s organization, called “Mercy Beyond Borders,” provides educational and economic help as ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Shannon Levitt
  • Catholics say diplomacy with North Korea, Iran needed to keep peace
    WASHINGTON, D.C. — More than 750 Catholics called on President Donald Trump and Congress to seek diplomatic solutions to defuse rising tensions between the United States and North Korea and to assure that the U.S. remains a party to the Iran nuclear deal. The leaders of dozens of religious congregations, ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Catholic News Service
  • Unrelenting killing of Coptic Christians intensifies debate over martyrdom
    CAIRO, Egypt – As a little boy in Sunday school, Bassem Al-Janoubie was fascinated by the illustrated stories about the martyrs of Egypt’s Coptic Church. “Even more than cartoon comic books, the dramatic events and details of the ordeal of each saint held my attention,” remembers the now-40-year-old graphic designer. ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Jacob Wirtschafter and Mina Nader
  • Sistine Chapel aims for new heights with Olympics-style show
    ROME — The Sistine Chapel might be coming to a theater near you. The Vatican Museums have collaborated with British singer Sting and producers of Olympic ceremonies to create a surround-sound, live show telling the tale of Michelangelo and his frescoed masterpiece. The $10.6 million production, “Universal Judgment: Michelangelo and ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Associated Press
  • Anomalies abound in Vatican trial over diverted donations
    ROME — A Vatican trial over $500,000 in donations to the pope’s pediatric hospital that were diverted to renovate a cardinal’s penthouse is reaching its conclusion, with neither the cardinal who benefited nor the contractor who was apparently paid twice for the work facing trial. Instead, the former president of ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Associated Press
  • Archbishop calls attacks on Mother Teresa by Hindu leader “disrespectful”
    MUMBAI, India – Attacks on Saint Mother Teresa have caused “hurt” for “people of all religions” in India, according to the Archbishop of Hyderabad. Hindu leader Swami Paripoornanda Saraswati was debating a Dalit-rights activist on local television on September 22 when he accused the person, Professor Kancha Illaiah Shepherd of ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Nirmala Carvalho
  • Despair, joy, defiance, and resignation all abound in unique Lebanon
    ZAHLÉ/EL-KAA/BEIRUT, Lebanon – Lebanon is an endlessly fascinating and complex place, and to pretend to have mastered its subtleties after just one week in the country would be pretty close to an act of madness. However, just a few days in this nation of a little over four million, a ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Inés San Martín
  • Cardinal Sarah says Vatican may still “impose” translations in the liturgy
    Liturgical translations cannot be expected to receive a rubber stamp from the Vatican, despite new legislation giving bishops’ conferences more authority in the translation process, according to the head of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, writing in the L’Homme Nouveau ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Charles Collins
  • Trial set for Mississippi man indicted in killing of 2 nuns
    DURANT, Mississippi — A Feb. 12 trial has been set for a Mississippi man in the 2016 killing of two nuns who worked as nurse practitioners in one of the poorest parts of the U.S. Rodney Earl Sanders was indicted on capital murder, sexual assault, burglary and grand larceny. He ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Associated Press
  • An Italian priest was kidnapped in Nigeria
    ROME—An Italian priest who’s been living in Nigeria as a missionary has been kidnapped when he was visiting Benin City in the southern region of the country on Thursday. Prosecutors are investigating it as a terrorist act. On Friday afternoon Rome time, papal spokesman American Greg Burke went to Twitter ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Inés San Martín