• Thirsty souls are quenched by God, not world, priest tells pope, Curia
    ROME — The yearning for one’s soul to be quenched must not be confused with longing for worldly desires, a Portuguese priest told Pope Francis and senior members of the Roman Curia during their Lenten retreat. The spiritual significance of thirst is a reminder that all Christians must distinguish between ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Junno Arocho Esteves
  • Parents who give children up for adoption often are fragile, pope says
    ROME — When people are unable to love or accept a child with problems or illness, many times it’s because they are too weak themselves to be able to bear someone else’s vulnerabilities, Pope Francis told a group of children and young people who are wards of the state. “If ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Carol Glatz
  • British government will not overrule repeal of gay marriage in Bermuda
    HAMILTON, Bermuda – The British government has said it will not overrule a Bermudian law passed earlier this month which abolishes same-sex marriage, less than a year after the institution was imposed by a court decision. Bermuda’s parliament passed a bill in December 2017 which abolished same-sex marriage, and instead ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Catholic News Agency
  • Vatican judge takes plea bargain on molestation, child pornography charges
    ROME – A judge of the Roman Rota, the Vatican’s highest appellate court, has accepted a plea bargain in an Italian criminal court for a conditionally suspended sentence of one year and two months in prison on charges of sexual molestation and possession of child pornography. Based on reports in ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy John L. Allen Jr.
  • Did the pope blink in Nigeria, or is it a typically Catholic mess?
    ROME – On Monday, a Nigerian bishop for whom Pope Francis rolled out one of the most dramatic displays of papal authority in recent memory resigned, essentially ending a standoff that had lasted for more than five years, and without the pope’s man in charge. The situation raises a fundamental ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy John L. Allen Jr. and Ines San Martin
  • Expert says Vatican’s proposed deal with China is “limp”
    ROME – For seventy years, the Vatican and China have had no formal diplomatic relations, Catholicism remains illegal in the country, and the twelve million Catholics living there have been forced to profess their faith clandestinely. Recently, credible rumors of a deal with China have been resurfacing. According to Vatican ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy John Allen and Claire Giangravé
  • Togo bishops call for prayers as national dialogue begins; but insist term limits only path forward
    YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon – A “last chance” political dialogue began on Monday in Togo, as the government sat down with the opposition to resolve a deepening political crisis surrounding the prospect of President Faure Gnassingbé seeking another term. With the discussions ongoing, Archbishop Philippe Fanoko Kossi Kpodzro, the former head of ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Ngala Killian Chimtom
  • Catholic, other religious leaders call on UK government to end indefinite immigration detention
    LEICESTER, United Kingdom – Catholic leaders have joined forces with other religions to demand the British government end the use of indefinite detention on immigration grounds. “The UK is the only European country without a statutory time limit on immigration detention. The routine use of indefinite detention is unjust, ineffective ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Charles Collins
  • Philippines bishop says his ‘heart bleeds’ when addicts dehumanized in country’s drug war
    A bishop in the Philippines attacked the de-humanizing language being used in the country’s drug war, saying his “heart bleeds when there are Catholics who agree that criminals cannot be reformed.” Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of the Diocese of Kalookan was speaking during Mass at the Singles for Christ International ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Crux Staff
  • Coptic Christian congregation finds new home after being hosted by Catholic parish
    DALLASTOWN, Pennsylvania — The Coptic Christian community in this part of the United States is growing so fast that it may soon outgrow even this new home. They’d already left their homes in Egypt and landed at a Catholic Church in York, Pennsylvania, coming a distance of almost 6,000 miles. ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Chris Dunn
  • Church’s Lenten observance dedicated to shooting victims, their families
    PARKLAND, Florida — A parish community less than two miles away and directly impacted by the Feb. 14 school shooting at a Broward County high school is finding new purpose in Lent this year, according to the parish administrator. “We decided to hold Stations of the Cross on Fridays during ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Tom Tracy
  • National Call-In Day to Protect Dreamers organized by U.S. Bishops
    NEW YORK — Catholics across the United States are being asked to call their Congressional representatives on Monday, February 26, and urge them to protect Dreamers from deportation. The National Catholic Call-In Day to Protect Dreamers was announced on Monday in a joint statement from Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Christopher White
  • Polarizing Nigerian bishop backed by pope steps down
    An embattled bishop who has not been able to set foot in his diocese in Nigeria for over five years has resigned his position, saying it is “no longer beneficial to the Church” for him to hold his position, just over eight months after Pope Francis threatened to suspend any ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Charles Collins
  • Catholic aid agencies pledge “zero tolerance” as sex scandal grows
    LEICESTER, United Kingdom – Catholic international aid charities have pledged zero-tolerance for sexual exploitation by their employees, as a sex abuse scandal affecting one of Britain’s largest charities is now latching onto U.N. aid agencies. Andrew MacLeod, the former Chief of Operations of the UN Emergency Coordination Center for the ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Charles Collins
  • Kenya’s bishops urge reconciliation amid disputed presidency
    After a tumultuous and divisive election year that saw Kenya inaugurate two presidents, the Catholic bishops in one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies are now using the Lenten period to drum up the case for national reconciliation. They’ve found an unlikely ally: Kisumu County Deputy Governor, Dr. Mathew Owili. As a ... read more
    Source: Catholic Pulse CommentaryBy Ngala Killian Chimtom