How to find if I was Baptized?

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My Mom told me some time ago, that I was baptized. I remember she said that she was sad because there wasn’t a priest available to baptize me, but had someone else do it. I can’t remember what she had called them. Is a priest the only person who can baptize in the Catholic Faith?

A devout Catholic she was not, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the person who baptized me was from some other denomination. She believed in some version of “all roads lead to God”.

Mind you, at the time (nor any time since) she was not a practicing Catholic – stopped going to church after a bad divorce with no annulment in the 80’s.

My Dad doesn’t know, he is an athiest and was not present. His memory is amazing and he wouldnt lie about it. I checked the one place the information would have been, which is my “baby box”, and there is nothing anywhere about it despite otherwise meticulous records she kept.

I need to know for RCIA, but not sure how to find out. Advice?